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Providing expert knowledge and professional fleet management services gained from over ten years of fleet management experience in Somerset and across the south-west of England. Helping businesses to make smart thinking fleet management decisions, drive down fleet vehicle costs, lower driver and vehicle exposure risks and add real life measurable value into any partner businesses we assist.

You will always find
friendly, sensible and practical advice with us.

We offer a host of services to assist your fleet vehicle and fleet driver management. Ensuring you operate an efficient, compliant and successful fleet of vehicles and drivers.

Fleet risk management - control from Zalda
Evaluate your overall business exposure and identify potential cost savings with our guidance and expert knowledge. One simple call will get the ball rolling... 
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Fleet vehicle management - ignition from Zalda
Using the latest software we can help you accurately analysis, plan and fine tune both your vehicle and driver use. You will identify more savings and have fewer expensive errors or missed schedules that effect residuals...
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Fleet driver management - engage from Zalda
Human resources love our analysis, providing the tools to check drivers, reward excellence and identify poor standards with accurate evidence. There are
always surprises in this field for all businesses scales on average we find a compliance issue in 1 of 6 drivers... read more.

Fleet maintenance & accident management
- assist from Zalda
We can take the hassle out of dealing with accidents and maintenance - our expert solutions and knowledge provides reassurance for many of our businesses to keep doing what they do best...
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Fleet vehicle technology and data analysis
- sensor from Zalda
Technology is ever changing and data streams from vehicles provide excellent factual evidence. Lowering problems, giving  insurance evidence and lowering risk by smart technology solutions...
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Fleet electric vehicles - charge from Zalda
Electric vehicles are now main stream and increasingly on fleets with rapidly improving technology - but it's vital you have expert advice if you are to run cleaner and financially more efficient electric vehicles, we can help...
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Fleet vehicle short term rental
- transition from Zalda
We can help put into place a back up plan for when you need a vehicle for temporary replacement or simply for a specific appointment and location. Pre-arranged for preferential rates on hire vehicles...
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Fleet driver and vehicle policy
- script from Zalda
Headaches with policy making? Our expert guidance will help steer you through a complex range of issues and provide industry standards of policy that you can implement and more importantly understand...
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Fleet driver training, education and manager advice - edify from Zalda
Investing in drivers pays off, reduces risk, increases professional levels and ultimately helps maintain excellence within your business. Do you run 'Grey Fleet' drivers or have problem drivers and are not sure how to deal with them correctly...
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Fleet vehicle finance, procurement and sourcing - stream from Zalda
Sourcing your vehicles as efficiently as possible while ensuring value over the long term is always our aim. We partner with heavy weights in the industry for excellent competitive rates. We look ahead, we turn the page...
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Bespoke fleet vehicle management
- datum from Zalda
Let us take it on and manage it - simple we make your fleet worries and headaches go away. Smart thinking...
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