Reduce exposure

Ensure driver acknowledgement

Compliance friendly

fleet driver and vehicle policy


  • Assists & demonstrates business compliance
  • Online digital & physical policy documents
  • Vehicle policy handbooks
  • Driver policy handbooks
  • Fleet policy assembly

We don’t like exposure, it’s hard to measure and can ruin a business.

We can help reduce risk, qualify your insurance cover and  implement robust planning and procedure policy. When it comes to structuring your fleet, driver and vehicle policy, just where do you start? You would be surprised how often we hear that it is simply something that keeps getting put off. Exposure, right there!

With a good dash of insurance experience within our business we have seen what a lack of policy, guidance and procedure implementation can lead too. Indeed one of our favourite phrases.

‘You can’t manage,
what you don’t measure’

Reflects perfectly...

‘Where can you start to measure from,
if you are not setting a standard?

  • Standard or business specific policies
  • Legally concurred by industry experts
  • Can be made accessible to all your employees
  • Digital version & physical policy availability

Once your policies are agreed we are able to ensure, collect and collate that drivers have received, acknowledged and have continued access to those policies.

There may come a time you have to demonstrate you have given it some serious thought - please don’t leave it too late to prove you have!

  • Assists Human Resources (HR) departments
  • Compliance is presented to drivers
  • Backs up & supports unique business requirements
  • Bespoke options

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