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  • Awareness of options
  • Economics of being 'Greener'
  • Practical considerations
  • Combination comparisions
  • Whole of life costs

We are all aware of big changes to our vehicles. But the diversity of options available has a significant impact on the daily running and taxation of electric vehicles within your business. Everyone wants to help reduce emissions and look forward to a cleaner motoring future, but there are some serious considerations... not just where to plug it in!

'Once we saw the numbers it made sense to consider electric vehicles within our business'

Most of our clients, along with us, were resistant to early hybrids, full electric and the rather limited range of electric vehicles. That has all changed now, we like to do our numbers and look a little further down the road. Bringing 'eco' vehicles into your business needs to be a smart process and one that must ensure financial prudence is met and operations are not adversely effected.

  • Factual based decisions
  • Entire 'cost of life' considerations
  • Operating environment
  • Business model & location suitability

Obviously there are physical limitations, unique advantages and disadvantages to going electric in the current climate.

‘Seeing the figures improve has now changed and improved our vehicle replacement program’

  • Answer driver concerns
  • Give guidance on 'lifespan' expectation
  • Offer mixed vehicle packages
  • Hybrid or Full Electric, which is best?
  • Practical advice for drivers

One of the most obvious concerns is where to charge and who pays for the electric. We have that covered and can provide solutions which work for your specific range of drivers and there unique locations.

We get to understand your business requirements first,  then we can tailor the package to benefit your unique business use.

  • Adaptable implementation
  • Mixed vehicle options
  • Software to track, trace and analysis use
  • Driver training and advice
  • Reporting and analysis

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