fleet risk management


  • Fleet audit & risk management
  • Recommendation & analysis
  • Identify risk & exposure
  • Suggest solutions

Effective management is vital. Your business has no doubt recognised that already and identified the need for specialist help, which has brought you to Zalda. Working closely for our clients enables us to realise what the day to day practicalities are and how they may effect your management. Civil litigation is a serious business and no business can assume any longer that it does not effect them - you have a duty of care. Fact. Importantly, you may need to demonstrate that you are aware of this and taking proportionate steps towards the control and implementation of risk reduction.

'You have a duty of care’

  • Responsibility to your drivers and the public
  • Identify potential issues & make changes
  • Mitigate work-related driving risk
  • Demonstrate good working practice

We are relied upon by our clients to provide an excellent service and handle everything involved behind the scenes. Our audit covers legal, financial, operational and driver issues, neatly presented in a detailed report. From where we can decide together how to implement, improve and reduce your potential business exposure.

Our clients have full confidence that we can supply the highest level of value for recognising potential risk and mitigate exposure to your operation

  • Evaluate your business exposure
  • Provide feedback & reporting
  • Propose really practical solutions
  • Guidance on policy
  • Streamline your daily management

Reduce your exposure

Identify potential savings

Present smart solutions

Zalda Limited are a credit broker and not a lender, we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered No : FRN 664522

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