Factual data collection

Enhances insurance

Improves standards

fleet vehicle data management


  • Third party technology providers
  • Speed & vehicle monitoring
  • Cameras & data feeds
  • Telemetric data

No two business users are the same. Which is why working with Zalda and allowing us to be familiar with your business requirements lead to a great partner advantage. Technology is evolving, faster than ever. And while it is giving us more options than ever before, it is important to focus on why it is prudent to implement it’s use. We have to stress the robustness of evidence in liability claims or disputes.

  • Factual data collection
  • Enhances insurance
  • Improves standards

Do you really need to pay for options that you simply are not going to use in the real world? We’ll help make informed and above all commercially sound choices.

‘No two business users are the same’

  • Focused on your actual core business use
  • Reduces risk exposure & identifies liability
  • Recognised by most insurance providers
  • Factual information & live data capture
  • Our experience & support in suitability
  • Enhances compliance & duty of care
  • Invaluable HR resource in disputes
  • Enables an excellent audit trail

Initially it’s one of the least attractive services to business users, yet potentially it can give such robust evidence that unquestionably supports issues, accidents, incidents, poor behaviour or disputes. Rather than a ‘spy in the cab’ we find it gives a ‘mate in the cab’ reassurance both to operators and drivers. Drivers themselves often request it for peace of mind.

Superb means to gather evidence & encourage good stewardship of your vehicle investment.

  • Encourages responsible driving
  • Raises driving standards
  • Assists in liability claims
  • Reduces insurance
  • Assists reporting
  • Reassurance to good drivers

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