Cloud based technology

Schedules & planners

Smart alerts


fleet vehicle management tools


  • Simple to use
  • Cloud based ‘live’ accessible technology
  • Scalable software to business usage
  • Available to drivers via mobile apps
  • Calendar for service schedules with alerts and alarms
  • Full data reporting and analysis if required


Zalda are independent so we can tailor the very best software to your needs and budget - we do not just sell you a box of software you will never use!

If it’s scheduled, maintained and administered then you will see benefits in both short term and long term. Easy to use but with levels more detailed options available should you need them. Helping reduce costs, lower exposure and should an incident happen give you an audit trail showing you as a responsible and professional operator.

‘You can’t manage,
what you don’t measure’

  • Intuitive and user friendly
  • Mobile allows untethered entry from any location
  • Reduces central admin, onus is on individuals
  • Produces a definitive data audit and vehicle usage trail

Here at Zalda we believe in selecting the level of detail that is necessary for you to go about your business. If it is complex or complicated to use then it simply will not get utilised to your advantage. No point putting a square peg in a round hole.

We are independent - meaning we can supply the level of service and detail that suits your situation and allow the maximum benefits with a minimal engagement time.

  • Manage driver data, licences, safety checks, medicals, mileage
  • Manage additional equipment issued to drivers or vehicles
  • Ensures compliance, evidence and good 'care of duty' practice

Zalda Limited are a credit broker and not a lender, we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered No : FRN 664522

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