Smart credit sources

Life cycle consideration

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fleet vehicle procurement, sourcing and finance


  • Nationwide sourcing & specification
  • Finance & credit line management
  • ‘Whole of life’ cost consideration
  • Tax efficient consultancy
  • Contract management

Not all schemes are the same. Often a great looking package has back loaded costs which may not seem as apparent as imagined. So short term gain may mean long term pain. At Zalda we are very proud of our ‘diligence’ and like to think that we are totally client focussed. So if we feel you are going to benefit from a different form of credit, source, deal or assistance then we will recommend that to you. We partner with industry leaders to be able to ensure a wide range of competitive and suitable options are available.

‘Short term gain often leads
to long term pain’

  • Access to industry partner offers and special deals
  • Choice of vendors, suppliers and credit sources
  • Smart advice on favouring your business
  • Independent client focused advice

Working with Zalda from procurement and credit sourcing can often highlight shortcomings both with the type of credit source and the suitability to the way in which your business operates. ‘Smart thinking’ decisions can provide significant advantages with well timed schedules, awareness and planning it will not only save money it will add value to your business overall. We like that.

Regulated, checked, controlled & professionally associated - we have done our homework for over 10 years

  • Over 10 years of experience to benefit you
  • Independent so you get the best deal
  • Fully authorised by the FCA
  • Smart choices for outsourcing your fleet administration

Zalda Limited are a credit broker and not a lender, we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered No : FRN 664522

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