Driver and vehicle checks

Online software, information, alerts, schedules and full log system tracking

Driver education, progressive training and awarenes

grey fleet driver training, education and policy advice


  • Reduce personal exposure
  • Lower risk to your drivers and public
  • Reduce business exposure
  • Improve your driver value
  • Improve road safety for everyone
  • Understand 'Grey Fleet' exposures

Save a life. Seriously. Give your drivers and your admin practical knowledge that helps keep them and the general public safe. We are not talking about the obvious risks but the 'I had no idea' risks. We have hard experience here and are often contacted by businesses that have had an issue and now need to put their house in order. Prevention, education, training and simple awareness can make a huge saving, reduce exposure to the business and may even prevent a prison sentence. Simple question... 'How long had you been driving prior to the accident and can you prove it?'.

  • Training to raise standards
  • Impart information to small groups
  • Raise awareness for 'Grey Fleet' drivers

'I'm not 100% confident that I can access all my owner drivers documentation and licence requirements if I had to prove it?

‘What is grey fleet and why am I responsible?’

  • Awareness of business responsibility regarding owner drivers.
  • Reduce accidents and damage
  • Enhance driver packages
  • Provide HR with tools to log factual information and evidence
  • Prove 'Duty of Care'
  • Provide evidence of responsibility in a legal environment
  • Reinforce legal requirements of your owner drivers

An invaluable resource for Human Resources and Personnel departments providing schedules, evidence, reports and results. Imparting information and implementing procedure to ensure compliance, safety and awareness is maintained, encouraged and documented.

Where training is given, proof of value can be seen down the line in reports, reduction of incident and vehicle residual values.

  • Raises vehicle condition and residual returns on vehicles
  • Improves driver attitudes
  • Promotes responsibility
  • Clarifies 'Duty of Care'
  • Provides evidence and adds value in legal disputes, claims or court appearances
  • Ensures you are lowering exposure to risk within your business

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